Janine Breukhoven

Founder & Director

Janine Breukhoven

Janine began her career as an account manager at So PR – one of the largest fashion, beauty and lifestyle focused firms in Amsterdam. After three successful years of managing many premier brands, Janine was ready for a new challenge and took on the role of PR manager for famed celebrity stylist Danie Bles. Two years later she was thrilled to be expecting her first child, and being well versed in the world of fashion, Janine knew she wanted to preserve her fabulous lifestyle while pregnant – and every day after. She launched Prêt à Pregnant & The-Mom.com & The-Dad.com as a daily inspirational site for other (expecting) parents who want to feel beautiful and have fun during pregnancy and beyond.

Four years after the launch of Prêt à Pregnant & The-Mom.com & The-Dad.com these sites developed into true brands. Besides the online magazines the team develops creative concepts, brand strategies and advises brands on a strategic level.

Janine is also a contributing editor for the magazine Mama & Family and Talkids section of Talkies Magazine.

“Of course many things change once you become a mother – but it doesn’t have to be all that dramatic! It is such a shame to neglect your sense of style. Prêt à Pregnant.com provides the best fashion, beauty, lifestyle ideas to help mommies live their best life”.

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