Vingino´s high summer collection is about to hit the stores

The countdown towards summer has officially begun so time to start browsing some cool summer kidswear for your little ones. Vingino´s new high summer collection is arriving to the stores as we speak and we love the happy summer vibes of their campaign.

It´s all about denim embroidered with cool colourful patches such as quotes and edgy graphics. The bold bright colours definitely make this collection pop out and we also like the vintage twist on for example the polo that comes with retro coloured stripes on the collar and at the end of the sleeves.

This season it´s not only about blue Denim but definitely also about khaki denim and soft grey denim, we love the slim fitted jeans for both girls and boys, just pair it with a pair of laid back flip flops and off they go!

Oh and don´t forget to give your little one a pair of statement sunglasses as well!!

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